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Lala, A Fairy’s Heart

Family Film In concept


Lala, the mischievous fairy prince, is in trouble again: he left the boundaries of the island kingdom disguised as a boy. Near a lone beach house on the human half of the mysterious island, Lala meets a girl, Bee. Bee recently lost her mother and is on the island with her father to heal.

Lala and Bee’s forbidden friendship sets off a series of events in the world of the fairies that will soon have serious consequences for both worlds. Lala and Bee set out to right the wrongs and defeat the cruel sorcerer Aterpater, who holds Lala’s mother, the queen, in his grip.

Based on a novel by Magda Szabó, best-selling author of the New York Times Book Review’s best books of 2015 list.

Writer - Director
Attila Gigor
Based on a novel by
Magda Szabó
Anna Jancsó, Krisztina Endrényi, József Berger
Developed with the support of
Hungarian National Film Fund & National Film Institute Hungary
Produced by
Lala Film Kft.