Stalin City Cantata

Directed by
Gabriel Szollosy
Nyika Jancsó
Barna Gábos
Produced by
Anna Jancsó


Following the fall of the Berlin wall, a downright onslaught on archives took place in Eastern Europe. Nothing is as important one’s own past: the complex history of a socialist state that wanted to combine ideology with intellectualism, art with politics.

The film portrays Hungary’s former Stalin City guided by a cantata, from the musical perspective of the composer Peter Horváth, whose parents were thoroughly communist, but nevertheless doubting amateur party members. The father a flutist of the symphony orchestra (performing in the fatal year of 1956 in front of Mao’s comrades), the mother a woman of letters with a tendency to pedagogy, the son curious but discreet. The film repeatedly presents archive film and audio material in between the protagonists’ narratives. This gives Stalin City and Hungary a kind of idyllic everyday image that contrasts the increasingly close-knit story that unfolds.  The different versions of the big rebellion – the whole story was never seen like this before.

Developed in the framework of the Discovery Campus Masterschool


DOK Leipzig, 59th International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film

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Ashdod International Music and Film Festival